I am a Research Assistant Professor at the University of Alaska Fairbanks Geophysical Institute and member of the Alaska Volcano Observatory. My primary research interests lie in integrating direct and remote measurements of volcanic gas composition and flux with complementary geophysical datasets to constrain volcanic processes and investigate the relationship between subduction and volcanism. I employ various gas sampling techniques to collect volcanic gas measurements, ranging from direct sampling to satellite remote sensing. While I have worked on numerous volcanoes around the world, my research primarily focuses on volcanoes and subduction processes within the Aleutian Arc. My current research involves: (1) investigating the relationships among subduction character, volatile cycling and eruptive activity along the Aleutian Arc (NSF Award #1551978); (2) identifying correlations among satellite SO2 emissions and complementary geophysical observations from recent eruptions of Bogoslof volcano, Alaska; and (3) constraining seismic signatures of subsurface fluid flow using high temporal resolution gas and seismic datasets (NSF Award #1250148). I am an active member of the IAVCEI Commission on the Chemistry of Volcanic Gases and the Deep Carbon Observatory Deep Earth Carbon Degassing project.