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Metal Detector ImageI have been detecting on land since 1973. I love being in the water and always wished I could metal detect in the water. I finally bought an underwater unit in the Summer of 1997 and have had the best time you could imagine. Detecting underwater is so relaxing! The water supports your weight and it is so peaceful and quiet down there. No mosquitos to bother you and nobody else hunts underwater up here in Fairbanks. This is my treasure hunting tool of choice for underwater detecting. There are more modern choices now from White's but I have not had experience with them yet. For information, visit, White's Online

TOOLS & TECHNIQUES This is a collection of useful information supplied by my good friends that do lots of underwater hunting.

More Underwater tips This is a link to another web site with underwater hunting information.

HOW TO HUNT A BEACH Ever gone to a beach and realized how big it is and then wondered, "Where do I Start?"

UNDERWATER DETECTING PHOTOS I will have lots of photos this Summer. My good friend "Q" from Guam sent me an underwater camera for that purpose. Thank You "Q" !! These are what I have so far.


USEFUL TIP # 1: If you use a long handle sand scoop. The type that is used like a shovel...you can put some foam pipe insulation on the handle so that the handle will add flotation. This will make the scoop handle float up where you can grab it instead of sinking to the bottom if you let it go. You can buy foam pipe insulation at almost any hardware store.

Sand Scoop ImageUSEFUL TIP # 2:I highly recommend a good sand scoop for beach or underwater hunting. I use this type of scoop most of the time. This one is very inexpensive and is called a Beachmaster Scoop. If you get this type of scoop, be sure you get one with a handle that is angled back like this one. Makes it easy to pull toward you while scooping.

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