Beach hunting tips

Beach Hunting Tips


By Larry R. and Juanita H. Williams

From page 24 of the June 1995 issue of Treasure Facts magazine. Copyright 1995, 1998 Lost Treasure, Inc.

Treasure hunting and beach metal detecting lure both the professional treasure hunter and novice. The difference in results are simply knowing certain techniques and where to search for treasure. Any beach that is, or has been, populated by people is a perpetual gold mine. Storms and gales literally redeposit lost treasure on the beach.

When you have finally reached your destination at the beach, find the high tide mark and then the low tide mark. Then locate the very middle section between these tide marks. In your mind draw a line right down the center of the beach. From this point you will extend 10 to 12 feet on each side of the previously envisioned line. This area on each side of the line is your secret search zone.

The secret search zone is the area that is reloaded by mother nature every time there is a gale or storm. Why is this so? I have no idea. It was taught to me by my now deceased grandfather, and he told me he got the secret from an old seafarer.

After you have located the secret search zone, start a zig-zag search pattern and start walking up the beach with your metal detector. The zigzag method of search is the best method to utilize in this zone. Don't be uneasy about the possibility of missing some treasure. There is more treasure out there than you could imagine. Anyway, on your return trip you will locate some of the treasure you missed on your way out. Besides, the next storm will redeposit some new booty for you to find.

The other search zone my grandfather taught me to search was the area where people park their cars and play. This zone in particular should be searched at the end of the day when the swimmers and bathers have gone home. Simply put, they get a little up tight when you metal detect around their cars. They feel that their personal space has been invaded. Moreover, the end of the day provides a much cooler and enjoyable search time. It should be noted that this zone is not replenished by the ocean. It is replenished by the people who patronize the beach. Remember this!!!

I can recall one time when a child had gone into his mother's vehicle and started throwing anything he could reach onto the sand. This included an earring with a total diamond weight of two carats. She saw me metal detecting and asked me for help. I had found the earring within a couple of minutes, much to the relief of the lady.

One other time while searching this upper zone my metal detector went crazy with its audible tone. Within a four foot square, I was able to unearth almost $40 in quarters. Shortly after that a man' sapphire gold ring was recovered. Is this a hobby or what?????

The coasts of the United States are dotted by ancient shipwrecks. Its beaches are loaded with treasure. Some of the best beach metal detecting in the world is found right here in America. With the secret treasure hunting techniques presented in this article and an inexpensive metal detector, you too can get a share of the booty.

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