So, How Do I Start a Club?

By Elizabeth Marie deMorest

From page 22 of the May 1995 issue of Treasure Facts magazine.
Copyright ©1995, 1998 Lost Treasure, Inc.

Okay, you've decided to start a club. How do you get started? How do you find people who want to be members?

1) Write a good ad and place it in the local newspaper telling people what you are doing, when your first meeting will be, what time and where.

2) Write to your favorite treasure magazines. See if they will place a similar ad.

3) Send your advertisement to public announcement programs on radio and TV.

4) Send letters to all those who you know already do a little treasure hunting.

5) Send information to your church bulletins, civic club announcements, other local publications.

Now you have members. What do you do?

1) As a group, decide what your club will be about. What goals will you have? Will you be political? Will you be strictly meeting for fun?

2) Does the group want structured or loose-knit meetings. This will determine how you will handle the following questions.

3) As a group, decide what kind of voting system you will use -- consensus (subject is discussed until all agree), or straight voting (everyone has a chance to speak their peace then a vote is taken).

4) Decide on a meeting place (someone's home? a community center? church?).

5) Choose leaders. It is generally agreed that the person who first called the meeting will act as Chairperson at least for the first few meetings. Find someone willing to keep a memory (minutes) of each meeting.

6) Hold a group activity as soon as possible. This will immediately get folks involved in planning and executing activities as well as participating in fun.

Remember, clubs are made up of people-- the difference is--THESE PEOPLE LOVE TO TREASURE HUNT! HAVE FUN.

Note: For step-by-step, in-depth instruction on how to start a treasure hunting club, see David Arrowood's articles, "How To Start A Treasure Hunting Club, Parts I and II," Treasure Facts, August/September 1993 and october/November 1993.

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