Public Gold Mining Areas in Alaska

Public Gold Mining Areas in Alaska

If you are coming to Alaska on a vacation, you probably will ask the question, "Where can I go look for GOLD while I visit?" I have compiled a list of places to accomplish that on this page. I will continue to add information here as I find time. Don't hesitate to send me e-mail if you require more information. I may not be able to obtain it for you but probably can tell you where to get what you need. If there is information you would like to see here that I have not included, let me know.

Alaska is famous for many things. One of them is GOLD! When you visit Alaska you need to find out where you can get some while you are here. Many people here have active claims and not many places are available to the casual prospector. You can either look for gold at a commercial business that caters to tourists or find an area that you can find it in it's natural setting.

Commercial Business: Some people prefer to pan for gold without all the hardships of going out and getting it in it's natural setting. There are several places in Fairbanks where you can pan for gold for a fee and are assured of finding something.

Public Access: For those that feel that finding gold at a commercial business is like shooting fish in a barrel, there are public areas that are closed to claim filing and are open to the general public for recreational gold panning and sluicing. Information on these areas including maps can be obtained from the BLM office at the corner of University Avenue and Airport Road in Fairbanks. You can also get the info and maps from DNR at the same location, just a different office.

If you are coming to should consider reading books written by Ron Wendt. His books are specific to Alaska and will increase your chances of finding GOLD when you visit. Here is where you can get his books.

Goldstream Publications
P.O. BOX 870624JWS
Wasilla, AK 99687

Alaskan Gold Prospectors Guide. $ 9.95
Alaska Nugget Detecting $ 6.95
Gold Prospecting Along the Yukon River $ 9.95
Gold, Ghost Towns & Grizzlies $ 9.95
Kenai Peninsula Gold $ 8.95
Fortymile Gold $ 8.95
Where to Prospect for Gold in Alaska Without Getting Shot! $ 9.95

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