Gold Miser Sluice

GOLD Miser Sluice

JPEG image of micro sluice & Grizzly Gold PanThis page is a review of a product which I evaluated. It is called, "The Gold Miser Sluice". I use it for separating fine GOLD from concentrates.

The Gold Miser Sluice is what I like to call a micro sluice. It is literally a miniature sluice box made of a single piece of plastic and is small enough to fit in your pocket. This sluice was developed and patented by Doc Ashcraft. The following is a report of my field test with this unit.

I have used many devices for separating GOLD from concentrates which I get from my sluice box. Most devices are too big, too pricey and just not convenient for my purposes. I usually have from one to three gallons of concentrate of # 8 screen size to process. The most effective device I had used up to this point was one of the GOLD spiral type devices. Problem with those units is the cost and size. This little sluice is great because it is so versatile. I can carry it in my backpack and it weighs almost nothing. It is simple in construction and function. One piece molded plastic and the blue plastic it is made from is great for seeing small GOLD. You can run small material through it and use a cup of water to wash it through the sluice. It can be done this way but it is not the best way to do it. It is best as with any sluice to have a steady and consistent stream of water going through it. It is also best not to overload it with material, that is the time when GOLD can wash right through it because the riffles will be full and the GOLD cannot settle into the riffles. This goes for any sluice but especially for a small sluice. For best results, I recommend that you run your material through a # 8 mesh screen. I experimented with different ideas on devices to feed this sluice. The result of my efforts can be seen in the link at the end of this review. No device is perfect but this item has found a place in my GOLD processing toolbox. I only wish that it was also available in black plastic. The Gold Miser Sluice has been amazing in it's ability to separate even flour GOLD. This alone makes it worth the price. The price??? The Gold Miser Sluice is available for $ 7.95 by itself or as part of a kit that includes the Sluice, Grizzly Gold Pan and a Gold Prospecting Book written by Doc Ashcraft for a price of $ 33.35. Definitely worth the price in my book. The Gold Miser Sluice is manufactured by : Sluice Box Inc., Route 5, Box 207, Mt. Vernon, Il 62864. (618) 244-0505. I highly recommend this item for anyone that searches for GOLD. GOOD LUCK!!!

Doc with sluice and pan
Doc Ashcraft with Gold Miser Sluice & Grizzly Gold Pan
Doc now has a web site of his own.

Here's a couple of quicktime movie clips of Doc demonstrating how he uses the Gold Miser Sluice.

Photos and Quicktime Movie of How I use the Gold Miser Sluice.

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