Grizzly Gold Pan

Grizzly Gold Pan

This page is a review of a product which I evaluated. It is called , "The Grizzly Gold Pan".

JPEG image of grizzly panI have used many gold pans in my time, starting with my first one which was a metal pan. Because I have seen so many "New" gold pans that claimed to be a big improvement in technology from old pans I am somewhat of a skeptic. Most "New" gold pans had minor improvements but nothing really revolutionary. Adding riffles to the pan like the Garrett Gold Pan and using a green color were steps in the right direction. The Grizzly Gold Pan is so different that it doesn't look anything at all like a goldpan. The only reason to call it a goldpan is it does the same job you would do with a gold pan. Biggest difference is that it does the job so much better. The Pan is made of a blue plastic that makes it easy to see gold. You won't have to watch for the gold while panning with this pan at all though. You can pan as fast as you can and be confident that the gold is all being kept in the pan.

Field Test: It is recommended that for the most efficient operation, you should screen your material down to quarter inch size and smaller. At this size, the pan is it's most efficient. I was able to pan a 5 gallon bucket of material very quickly. In only a half hour I was able to go through this bucket. With more practice I'm sure It would go much faster. I am not particularly fast with a conventional pan. A 5 gallon bucket would take me hours! A lot of care goes into using a conventional pan or you lose lots of GOLD. You can be deliberately abrupt in your use of the Grizzly Gold Pan. The panning motion is not circular as with a conventional gold pan. The motion is a much easier side to side motion holding the pan level. The light material flows out the sides at the end of each motion. The momentum of the material in the pan carries the light material over the edge while the ridges keep the gold inside the pan. Each change of direction allows the gold to move down toward the bottom of the pan while the lighter material flows over the sides. At the end of the panning process I actually used a conventional pan to see what I got. Removing the seal at the bottom of the grizzly pan allows you to remove the GOLD. The price??? The Grizzly Gold Pan is available for $ 10.95 by itself or as part of a kit that includes the Grizzly Gold Pan, Gold Miser Sluice and a Gold Prospecting Book written by Doc Ashcraft for a price of $ 33.35. Definitely worth the price in my book. The Gold Miser Sluice is manufactured by : Sluice Box Inc., Route 5, Box 207, Mt. Vernon, Il 62864. (618) 244-0505. I highly recommend this item for anyone that searches for GOLD. GOOD LUCK!!!

The good Doctor now has a web site of his own so you can get more information!

JPEG image of grizzly pan & Sluice
Doc Ashcraft with Pan and Sluice

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