Gold Nuggets

Gold Nuggets Image
These are a couple of nuggets I found with my White's 5000D. Today I think it's a miracle I was able to find them at all with that old metal detector. Lots of retuning the GEB circuitry and listening to threshhold tone that drove me nuts! I hope to add to this collection this Summer of 1997.
1997 Nugget
These are my first two nuggets found with the White's Goldmaster V/SAT. The V/SAT is a much easier machine to use for nuggets and I am certain I would have missed these two with my old detector. The small one is approximately 1/16th of an inch across and the larger one is an eighth of an inch across. I need to find some larger nuggets soon!

hardrock GOLD found with detector by me
These are my GOLD finds for the Summer of 1998 with the V/SAT. They are from Northern California near the Klamath River and Happy Camp.

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