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Metal Detector ImageTreasure hunting in it's many forms is one of my favorite activities. Almost everyone as a child dreams of pirates and treasure, only difference is that I'm one of those people that never quite grew up enough to get those notions out of his head! This is my treasure hunting tool of choice, the White's XLT Spectrum.

Living in Fairbanks, Alaska presents some interesting treasure hunting opportunities. Welcome to my Treasure Hunting world, I hope you enjoy your visit.



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Come on into the Chat information page. Biographies of most of the regular visitors to the Lost Treasure Live Chat site. Photos of themselves and some of their best finds. Very interesting reading about real people like you.
moonwalk & XLT

XLT Custom Programs

Custom Programs ready for you to download and use on your White's Spectrum XLT. No Guarantees on effectiveness of these programs so ...USE AT YOUR OWN RISK! All programs are provided as a courtesy by other Treasure Hunters like you.

Send me E-Mail to make suggestions or just give me a piece of your mind!

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