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Manfred's Raiders

This is a series of Quicktime video sequences that I produced from footage that was originally shot with a Super 8mm camera back in 1976. That is an 8mm camera, not an 8 mm magnetic tape camera like today's cameras. The film was exposed in reels of only 3 minutes each and then sent off for developing. When the film returned, then it was necessary to use an 8mm projector to view it. Development time was typically about two weeks. The film was transferred to VHS format by my wife around 1990 as a birthday present for me. I have now digitized the VHS tape footage in short segments to be used as Quicktime movies. The jumpiness in some of the footage is typical for a movie camera of that type. Some of the poor quality of a couple of the sequences is due to the inferior quality of the 8mm film that was used. If you do not have the capability of playing Quicktime movies on your system, you can get it from the official Quicktime site. Skateboarders should not laugh too hard when viewing the footage. We were some of the pioneers of the sport. Varathane wheels were new and we were breaking new ground back then laying down the foundations for today's hot skaters. This is a bit of skating history for you guys. People in the footage are Mike & Pat Hibler, Tom Reddie, Wayne Jordan and a couple of others. We called ourselves "Manfred's Raiders" because just as today, we had to sneak around to find places to skate. Midnight raids into empty swimming pools was a regular activity.

  • Old video of ME (2.1 Megs) showing off my T-shirt with the Manfred's Raiders Logo on the back and Manfred's Pool Service on the front. This was just in case we got caught in a swimming pool that we were not supposed to be in. We would just say that we were from the pool service company. This was shot in front of West Hall at New Mexico Tech.

    Ditch Riding

  • The Albuquerque Ditch (5.2 Megs) was one of our favorite places to visit. A 70 + mile trip from Socorro was necessary for skating here. Longboards of 36" or longer were the stick of choice here.

  • Mike, Tom & Me (3.5 Megs) doing some synchronous or not so synchronous skateboarding at the Manfred Ditch in Socorro, New Mexico.

  • The Manfred Ditch (8.3 Megs) in Socorro, New Mexico was our home territory. The SouthWest is covered with flood control projects like this one and make excellent skateboarding areas when the water is not running. Our 17foot high logo was clearly visible from the Interstate Highway # 25.

  • More Manfred Ditch (3.5 Megs) footage starring Mike Hibler.

  • Manfred (2.6 Megs) ditch after a little snow.

    Pool, Ramp & Pipe Skating

  • Quarter Pipe (2.4 Megs) ramp footage at New Mexico Tech. The ramp is up against the doors of what was then a brand new Gymnasium.

  • New Mexico Tech Swimming Pool (6.3 Megs)was our favorite place to skate once a year when it was emptied for maintenance. When I left the school had put a dome over it so it probably is no longer possible to get in there when the pool is empty but who knows? If you do, let me know !!

  • Elephant Butte Dam (3 Megs) was one of our secret skateboarding haunts. The pipe we skated in was a little small but skateable. The pipes are actually inside of the Dam itself. They are part of the spillway system of Elephant Butte Dam in "T or C" , New Mexico. If you lost your board at the end of the pipe you might never see your board again. The spillway drops down about a thousand feet.

  • More Elephant Butte (1.3 Megs) footage.

    Skateboard Parks

  • Upland Skateboard Park (10.3 Megs) was the most famous and probably one of the most awesome places ever built for skateboarding. It was started at the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains as a direct result of the popularity of a local skateboarding place called the Mount Baldy Pipeline. Mount Baldy was a taboo place to go because it was against the law. Your skateboard would be confiscated if you got caught and if you managed to escape the law, you might have even bigger problems with the local guys.

  • Wild Wheels (3.6 Megs) skateboard park footage shot in the town of Covina, California.

  • More Wild Wheels (2.3 Megs) footage.

  • More Wild Wheels (2.9 Megs) footage.

    Slalom Racing

  • Slalom Racing (1.2 Megs) was one of our specialties. This is one area where Mike Hibler and I were as good as the best in the sport. This is a clip of me practicing on the tennis courts across the street from our dorm building.

  • Mike Hibler (1.9 Megs) practicing his slalom racing form on the tennis courts.


  • Freestyle (2.5 Megs) skating by myself in Socorro.

  • Mike Hibler (3.2 Megs) doing a little freestyle skating.

  • Mike Hibler (2.4 Megs) cranking out some 360 degree turns.

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