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This many duct tape users were here before you were!

In December of 1995 the Red Green Fans of the Geophysical Institute decided it was time to make a movie production of their own as a tribute to REAL men everywhere that enjoy the Red Green Show. So...the night before the star was to leave town I wrote a quick script at about 12:30 a.m. The following day we went into production which had to be done before the star had to catch a plane to destinations South of Alaska. A few hundred feet of 8mm video tape and a few hours later and all the video was shot. Editing took place for the next three days and just like that we had our very own episode of the Red/Green Show!

Stars of the GI Red Green Show are...
Dave Covey as Red Green
Jesse Atencio as Harold
Ken Dean as Bill and
Scott Chesney as himself.

******** Cross Platform Quicktime Movies********

I have since converted six segments from the video into cross platform quicktime movies that you can download to your own computer and play. Some are large so be prepared to spend lots of time downloading. The movies are also available via anonymous FTP. The Adventures with Bill is especially good and worth downloading. It is extremely large so start your download and go have a cup of coffee, you won't be disappointed!

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