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The Red Green Show is one of my favorite shows on television.

Southwest History

Hunting is one of my favorite endeavors of all. I enjoy big game hunting as a suppliment to my diet and also for the sheer joy of hunting itself. I don't expect non-hunters to understand that part of it but hunters will. Moose is my main quarry but ocassionally I do take a black bear. Small game hunting is largely a way for me to keep my shooting skills sharp. Squirrel and hare are my main quarry in this department. I grew up hunting for mule deer in New Mexico and so graduating to the largest member of the deer family was a natural step for me. I have a collection of still photos of hunting trips for your viewing. If your browser supports quicktime movies follow this link to see some cross platform quicktime movies.

Fishing is another of the interests that I have that made coming to Alaska one of my goals in life. It has not been disappointing either. Alaska has just about every kind of fishing a person could want. Salt water fishing is outstanding. Every year I am amazed at the size of Halibut that is caught during the various fishing derbies. I have not yet personally participated in this particular type of fishing. Salmon fishing is probably the most famous type of fishing in Alaska. People come here from all over the world to catch the largest Salmon in the world. The King Salmon of the world famous Kenai River. Us locals like to find other King Salmon fishing spots to try to avoid the tourists but it gets harder every year. My personal favorite fishing adversary is the mighty Northern Pike . Even the most popular fish in the country, the Rainbow Trout can be chased here. The only type of fishing of any real consequence that cannot be done here is Bass fishing and Marlin fishing. Cross Platform Quicktime Movies are available for your viewing here. I have a collection of still photos of fishing trips for your viewing.


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