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Linkages between riverine freshwater dispersal, sea-ice formation and large-scale sediment transport in the Central and East Siberian Arctic

H. Eicken

Geophysical Institute
University of Alaska
Fairbanks, AK

A. Proshutinsky

Institute of Marine Science
University of Alaska
Fairbanks, AK
(now at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)

L. Timokhov, I. Dmitrenko, A. Darovskikh

Arctic & Antarctic Research Institute
St. Petersburg, Russia


This web page presents first, preliminary results and images of work carried out as part of a project supported by NSF's Russian-American Initiative on Shelf-Land Environments in the Arctic (RAISE). For further details feel free to contact the PIs associated with this project.

We are also collaborating with colleagues from German Research Institutes who have been involved in joint research in the Laptev Sea for the past several years (System Laptev Sea Program and Transdrift expeditions).


Points of contact:

Products resulting from this project:

Alexandrov V. Yu, T. Martin, J. S. Kolatschek, H. Eicken, M. Kreyscher, and A. P. Makshtas (1999) Studies of sea-ice motion in the Laptev Sea with the use of satellite remote sensing and numerical modelling. IGARSS 99, CD-ROM.

Alexandrov V. Yu, T. Martin, J. Kolatschek, H. Eicken, M. Kreyscher, and A. Makshtas (2000) Sea-ice circulation in the Laptev Sea and ice export to the Arctic Ocean: Results from satellite remote sensing and numerical modelling. J. Geophys. Res., 105, 17143-17159.

Darovskikh A. N., E. A. Martynova, H. Eicken, and V. A. Spitsyn (1999) Monitoring ice conditions in the Arctic shelf zone with helicopter side-looking radar. Proceedings of the 15 th International Conference on Port and Ocean Engineering under Arctic Conditions (POAC99), Helsinki, 23-27 August, 1999, vol. 1, 191-199.

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Dmitrenko I.A., Hölemann J.A., Kirillov S.A., Berezovskaya S.L., Eicken H., Ivanova D.A., Kassens H. (2002): The transformation of the baroclinic internal tidal waves under the ice cover on the Laptev Sea shelf. Doklady Earth Science, 8 p.

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Eicken, H., U. Blahak, W. Dierking, I. Dmitrenko (1999) Spatial and temporal variability of SAR backscatter signatures of coastal sea-ice types off the Lena River Delta (Laptev Sea). IGARSS 99, CD-ROM.

Eicken H., J. Kolatschek, F. Lindemann, I. Dmitrenko, J. Freitag, and H. Kassens (2000) Identifying a major source area and constraints on entrainment for basin-scale sediment transport by Arctic sea ice, Geophys. Res. Lett., 27, 1919-1922.

Eicken, H., I. Dmitrenko, K. Tyshko, A. Darovskikh, W. Dierking, U. Blahak, J. Groves, H. Kassens (submitted) Zonation of the Laptev Sea landfast ice cover and its importance in a frozen estuary. Global Planet. Change, submitted. (download this paper as an Adobe pdf file)

Eicken, H. (2003) The role of Arctic sea ice in transporting and cycling terrestrial organic matter. Stein, R. and Macdonald, R. W. Berlin: Springer-Verlag, pp. 45-53. (download this paper as an Adobe pdf file) Proshutinsky, A., M. Johnson, T. Proshutinsky (2001) Understanding climatic controls on contaminant transport with sea ice in the Arctic Ocean, Annals of Glaciology 33, pp. 551-554.

Proshutinsky A., and M. Johnson (2001), Two regimes of the Arctic's circulation from ocean models with ice and contaminants, Marine Pollution Bulletin, vol. 43, No 1-6, pp. 61-70.

Proshutinsky, A., V. Pavlov, R. Bourke (2001) Sea level rise in the Arctic Ocean, GRL, 28, 11, 2237-2240.



Financial support through NSF Grant OPP-9876843 is gratefully acknowledged. Analysis of Radarsat SAR data was made possible through a NASA ADRO grant. Graduate and exchange students Karoline Frey, Uli Blahak, Markus Hasel and Andreas Schmidt were involved to various degrees in this research and we thank them for their help.

Last update: April 24, 2004

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