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Chris Waigl

Welcome to my academic site. I hold a PhD in geophysics with concentration in remote sensing from the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) and the German equivalent of a Master's degree in physics from the University of Heidelberg. Between the two degrees, I my career took me to France and the UK in a variety of roles, including teaching in the public secondary school system and operational engineering support in the software industry. Please feel free to download my academic CV or take a look at my LinkedIn profile .

My PhD research was focused on remote sensing of active wildfires in the Alaskan boreal forest, advised by Dr. Martin Stuefer and Dr. Anupma Prakash . At UAF, I started in a staff position associated with the US Department of Energy ARM program, providing operational support and software development for its North Slope of Alaska climate resarch station. Later, I became associated with the Hyperspectral Imaging Laboratory and involved in aerial and ground-based optical, thermal and hyperspectral imaging and spectroscopy. The core of my work, however, revolves around processing satellite imagery to develop products that enable users of science to understand the changes of the landscapes in the circum-polar North. I have dealt most closely with real-time detection of wildfire and the measurement of variables such as fire temperature.

Wider topics I am interested in include open acces to science, the usability of research data, and the role of scientific knowledge production in a democratic society.

You can reach me via email to cwaigl [at]

I like making maps from satellite data, such as this Landsat 8 false-color RGB composite image depicting the wildfire that had me and my family evacuate in July 2013.

Landsat 8 false-colour RGB composite of the 2013 Stuart Creek 2 fire      :align: center

2013 Steward Creek 2 fire scar east of Fairbanks, AK

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