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Welcome to my site

Welcome to my academic homepage. My name is Christine (Chris) Waigl, and I am pursuing a PhD in the University of Alaska Fairbanks geophysics program with a concentration in remote sensing.

My work is focused on remote sensing of active wildfires in the Alaskan boreal forest, and my thesis advisors are Dr. Martin Stuefer and Dr. Anupma Prakash .

I can be reached via email to cwaigl [at]

This is my home page.

I came to the remote sensing field after a career working for commercial software companies. In 2013 applied for a staff position at UAF working for the operations of the US Department of Energy ARM program's North Slope of Alaska climate research station. I fell in love with the world's northern regions and embarked on my own research adventure. Remote sensing gives me the privilege to combine my background in physics, computer programming, data management, fieldwork in the amazing Alaskan landscape, and serves our wider need to understand the processes that change our environment.

Please feel free to download my academic CV or, if you are coming from a corporate outlook, consult my LinkedIn profile .

Until I get more content onto this site, please enjoy a nice Landsat 8 false-color RGB composite image depicting the wildfire that had me and my family evacuate in July 2013.

Landsat 8 false-colour RGB composite of the 2013 Stuart Creek 2 fire      :align: center

2013 Steward Creek 2 fire scar east of Fairbanks, AK

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