PHYS 628, Spring 2010 — 3 cr.
Prof. Szuberla

The course syllabus for PHYS 628 is posted here. There you will find pertinent course information and policies. On this web page you will find useful links to further information and assignments (homework, data sets, code examples, homework solutions, etc.).

My schedule (office hours, research, etc.) for Spring 2010 is posted here, and a schematic of important course dates is laid out here.

The course outline, homework assignments and general class notes can be found at this link. Please check it often, as it is a living document – things will change as the semester progresses.

The "assigned" text for this course is nominally Statistical Signal Processing and Modeling, by M. H. Hayes. Our work will use the text as a touchstone for certain topics, but we will not be marching through it chapter-by-chapter. As an alternative, you might consider getting a copy of Discrete Random Signals and Statistical Signal Processing, by C. W. Therrien. I think the latter is a better text, but it wasn't available in sufficient quantities when I wrote my syllabus. Apparently that has changed. [Disclaimer: The links to here are for information purposes only and do not constitute an endorsement on my part – buy your books from your favorite vendor!]

There are numerous signal processing books out there and a few of them are highly recommended. None of these texts are required; however, you may wish to consider reviewing them in addition to the assigned text (Hayes or Therrien).

There are also a couple of decent DSP-based eBooks out there (apart from the Numerical Recipes works) that are available for student use. I provide links to two of them that are in use at other institutions here for your perusal.